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Meet me in St. Louis!


We’re headed to St. Louis for one of my BFFs from UVa’s shower and engagement party of sorts.  I am so excited, as I have never been there!  I do hope we have time to swing by the arch!

So, I am assuming we’ll be hanging out with Nelly, and maybe Mark McGwire and possibly Albert Pujols (pronounced poo-holes, always makes me giggle!).

But really, I am just thrilled to see Coco and Eagle – and meet some of Coco’s St. L friends, as well as see her family before the wedding festivities!  Should be a great time!


Boom and I don’t watch many movies, much to Boom’s chagrin.  But sometimes, when we have a lowkey night / weekend, we will watch a couple.  That is what we did this weekend:


Taken was ok – a pretty good action movie.  Nothing too special, but still kept our interest.  I was kind of surprised that Liam Neeson was cast as the dad – he seemed a little old.  Realistic, yes, but Hollywood is not always known for realism.  Made me think I should learn how to hot wire a car.  and pick locks.  Not sure where I can gain those skills…


I didn’t love The Wrestler.  I guess I just couldn’t relate to the main character on any level.  His failed life, failed career, failed relationships, etc.  Why wouldn’t he do something to fix himself?  I know Mickey Rourke was nominated for lots of awards, and that is great.  But I just couldn’t get into the movie.  I did make me look at WWF events in a whole new light.  And makes me sad that the youth of America is so into violence – makes me scared for the future a little bit.

Anyway, I guess this is why I don’t really love watching movies – sometimes they seem like a waste of time.  But, for Boom, I will gladly waste a few hours, if he really wants.  And sometimes, I do love the movies (Slumdog Millionare).

Lazy, lazy, long weekend

This past long Memorial weekend, we didn’t do much!  And it was GREAT!  We got lots of sleep and spent lots of time together – it was just fabulash!

Friday night we did have plans – we went to Will’s Peru party with RH.  I knew it was going to be a random, fun party, but not everyone could appreciate it.  and I knew RH would love it – I was right!


We got adorable little pins with a photo of Machu Picchu that looked all old school.  And a favorite part for me – the characaturist!

IMG_2698I think he did a really good job with Boom – looks just like him!  I kinda look like an African-American / Asian version of myself.  But I like it – I look like I have a major ‘tude!

It was good a great mix of folks – old, young, very international – which I really love as well.  I wanted to get a photo will the Host with the Most (Wilber), but he was a busy, busy host.  I did get to see KD – she cracks me up so much!


The rest of the weekend was very low key.  Sunday night, Boom cooked us a very nutritious dinner, after going to the grocery store in the morning.  What a guy – he is definitely a keeper!  Yum – shrimps on the barbee – can’t beat that!




To the best friend and sister anyone could ask for – have a great day and a great year!  There really is nothing better than a sister!!!  I’m so glad we are in the same city – it’s so great getting to see you so much!  Love ya!

Looking more like a home…

The end of last week and this weekend was huge for furnishing and dressing the house.  It is less of a builders spec house now (thank goodness!  will be even better once we can change out the rest of the light fixtures) and more like Boom and Tingaling’s place.

Thursday night we went to the MFAH’s Glassell School of Art’s annual student sale.  There was a ton of stuff, and most of it very reasonably priced.  It was also really great seeing what students can produce – and I know first hand what sort of sweat and tears and hard work went into each piece (well, more the watercolors and pastels and drawings, I have never been an oil or acrylic painter).  There were a couple pieces that we were interested in, and we ended up with this one:


Not exactly sure where it will go – maybe somewhere in the front entrance area?  I like it because it is abstract, but there are literal hints, so you could interpret it many different ways.  Boom thought it might be of a firetruck.  I was thinking lockers… so many possibilities!

And we finally got framed and hung one of my real first pieces of fine art photography – by a friend and artist in Richmond, Aimee Koch.


I LOVE IT!  I love the photo itself, but also how it looks on the blue backdrop of our bar area.  I think it is just fabulash!

On Friday, our daybed was delivered!  Woot woot!  We’ve been thinking about this and planning and getting the fabric just right, so I feel like it has been in the works for a while.  So great to finally have it – and it really exceeded my expectations.  I think it is just adorable, and once we get the TV mounted, it will make all the more sense!



This weekend we went to the Urban Market and got the “stand” for our stack of coffee table books (above).  The stack of books at the end of the daybed was Sara’s fabulous idea (Sara is my friend who is also a interior designer, helping us with our house!).  We have been collecting them for nearly a year now – unfort, we can’t use all the square ones we have!  Boom felt strongly that they should sit on something, not directly on the rug, so we’ve also been on the look out for something cool to put the books on.  And we got it – a rusty, 2 drawer tool box of sorts.  I think it is great!

We also got a table / desk for behind the couch (finally!):


We have been on this quest for months – Boom is so relieved that we finally got something!  and it was a pretty good price, respectively speaking.  It is funny how we change and learn – the older, more beat up with worm holes, the better!   I need to get 2 matching chairs to use at it.  We have been looking for so long for this piece, I asked Boom, what are we going to do now that we finally have it?!  You wouldn’t think it would be so hard, but it was.  Had to be the right height, and not too deep and not too long.  Even this one is a little short to sit under with the apron on it, but it will do.  We may raise it an inch or just use chairs with no cushions.  It will all work out.

Whew – no wonder we were exhausted from this weekend!  Lots going on, but really glad the living room is finally coming together.   What’s left?  Well, curtains (waiting on fabric), 3 chairs (not inc. the 2 I need for my desk), TV / sound, side tables, some more old books, and arranging the stuff on the bookshelves so it looks good.  Wow, still have a ways to go, but a lot of the big pieces are out of the way.

Go Owls!


Saturday night, we went to SA’s for her graduation party – she finished getting her Ph.D. in history – what an accomplishment!  Boom and I had a great time – it was really so sweet of her to invite us, as she and I are new friends.  I really enjoyed meeting and visiting with her other friends and family there.


One of her co-workers is engaged to one of the co-founders of Workshop Houston – a small non-profit that has been around for 6 years and seems very similar to ART 180!  I was so intrigued and interested – I think I asked him about one million questions.  Obviously he loved talking about Workshop Houston since it is his baby!  So it worked out well.  Randomly, one of their largest funders is the foundation that RH works for, and they’ve gotten a grant from the JLH, so there were many “small world” connections.  I want to go out and see some of their programs in progress!



How cute is she?!  and any party with a pinata has to be fun times!  She had friends of all ages, and from all over – I loved that she brought all of us together!  She had gotten food from Ninfa’s – and that is when I came to the realization that Boom and I don’t eat Tex-Mex nearly enough!  It is so delicious!  I guess it is not the healthiest, so probably a good thing we are not having it every night.  and I guess it makes it taste that much better when we do get to eat it!

IMG_2660Got to spend some time with Carey (she is doing her best L imitation here!) and I really like her.  She is nice and interesting, which is all you can ask for in people!  Hopefully we’ll get to grab lunch together soon (as we work mere blocks away!).

It was a really fun night –  I was really glad to meet new folks, and catch up with ones that I knew already – in an intimate setting.  Congrats, again, to SA!

So much culture…

This past week we went to the Symphony 2 nights out of the 5 (in the work week) – we love us some Jones Hall!


Tuesday night we saw Yo-Yo Ma – seeing him live has been 10+years in the making!  Literally!  When Boom and I first started dating, he was living in Hot-lanta.  One weekend that I was down visiting, he was looking through the newspaper to see what was going on.  He saw the ad for Yo-Yo Ma, and was all,”Ha!  We can go see this rapper, Yo-Yo Ma!”  Boy was Boom surprised when I was all, “OH MY GAWD!  I WOULD LOVE TO GO SEE HIM!  CAN WE GET TICKETS?!?!?!?”  Of course, he was sold out then, so when I heard he was going to be in H-town, I got tickets as soon as they became available!  He was amazing, and his (18th century) cello sounded so amazing!  I am really, really glad we got tickets, and we were sitting in the mezzanine, which were pretty good seats.


Friday night we were back, and this time for a violin concerto by Beethoven.  It was one of our Young Professionals Backstage series tickets – and we signed up again for next year!  It is a great deal – $75 for 6 concerts (and 3 of those concerts have special events afterwards)!   I guess they are only offering that price  for renewals or for folks that sign up at one of the last 2 concerts.  Almost too cheap, in my opinion!  Boom and I got to catch up with Wilber, Aggie and Carey!   We also met LL, a semi-crazy, but funny, lady, who is at everything!  Anyway, a good week, with great culture involved.  I love that about H-town, so many great cultural resources!  I love being able to take advantage (and feel bad for folks that don’t)!