So much culture…

This past week we went to the Symphony 2 nights out of the 5 (in the work week) – we love us some Jones Hall!


Tuesday night we saw Yo-Yo Ma – seeing him live has been 10+years in the making!  Literally!  When Boom and I first started dating, he was living in Hot-lanta.  One weekend that I was down visiting, he was looking through the newspaper to see what was going on.  He saw the ad for Yo-Yo Ma, and was all,”Ha!  We can go see this rapper, Yo-Yo Ma!”  Boy was Boom surprised when I was all, “OH MY GAWD!  I WOULD LOVE TO GO SEE HIM!  CAN WE GET TICKETS?!?!?!?”  Of course, he was sold out then, so when I heard he was going to be in H-town, I got tickets as soon as they became available!  He was amazing, and his (18th century) cello sounded so amazing!  I am really, really glad we got tickets, and we were sitting in the mezzanine, which were pretty good seats.


Friday night we were back, and this time for a violin concerto by Beethoven.  It was one of our Young Professionals Backstage series tickets – and we signed up again for next year!  It is a great deal – $75 for 6 concerts (and 3 of those concerts have special events afterwards)!   I guess they are only offering that price  for renewals or for folks that sign up at one of the last 2 concerts.  Almost too cheap, in my opinion!  Boom and I got to catch up with Wilber, Aggie and Carey!   We also met LL, a semi-crazy, but funny, lady, who is at everything!  Anyway, a good week, with great culture involved.  I love that about H-town, so many great cultural resources!  I love being able to take advantage (and feel bad for folks that don’t)!


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