Go Owls!


Saturday night, we went to SA’s for her graduation party – she finished getting her Ph.D. in history – what an accomplishment!  Boom and I had a great time – it was really so sweet of her to invite us, as she and I are new friends.  I really enjoyed meeting and visiting with her other friends and family there.


One of her co-workers is engaged to one of the co-founders of Workshop Houston – a small non-profit that has been around for 6 years and seems very similar to ART 180!  I was so intrigued and interested – I think I asked him about one million questions.  Obviously he loved talking about Workshop Houston since it is his baby!  So it worked out well.  Randomly, one of their largest funders is the foundation that RH works for, and they’ve gotten a grant from the JLH, so there were many “small world” connections.  I want to go out and see some of their programs in progress!



How cute is she?!  and any party with a pinata has to be fun times!  She had friends of all ages, and from all over – I loved that she brought all of us together!  She had gotten food from Ninfa’s – and that is when I came to the realization that Boom and I don’t eat Tex-Mex nearly enough!  It is so delicious!  I guess it is not the healthiest, so probably a good thing we are not having it every night.  and I guess it makes it taste that much better when we do get to eat it!

IMG_2660Got to spend some time with Carey (she is doing her best L imitation here!) and I really like her.  She is nice and interesting, which is all you can ask for in people!  Hopefully we’ll get to grab lunch together soon (as we work mere blocks away!).

It was a really fun night –  I was really glad to meet new folks, and catch up with ones that I knew already – in an intimate setting.  Congrats, again, to SA!


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