Looking more like a home…

The end of last week and this weekend was huge for furnishing and dressing the house.  It is less of a builders spec house now (thank goodness!  will be even better once we can change out the rest of the light fixtures) and more like Boom and Tingaling’s place.

Thursday night we went to the MFAH’s Glassell School of Art’s annual student sale.  There was a ton of stuff, and most of it very reasonably priced.  It was also really great seeing what students can produce – and I know first hand what sort of sweat and tears and hard work went into each piece (well, more the watercolors and pastels and drawings, I have never been an oil or acrylic painter).  There were a couple pieces that we were interested in, and we ended up with this one:


Not exactly sure where it will go – maybe somewhere in the front entrance area?  I like it because it is abstract, but there are literal hints, so you could interpret it many different ways.  Boom thought it might be of a firetruck.  I was thinking lockers… so many possibilities!

And we finally got framed and hung one of my real first pieces of fine art photography – by a friend and artist in Richmond, Aimee Koch.


I LOVE IT!  I love the photo itself, but also how it looks on the blue backdrop of our bar area.  I think it is just fabulash!

On Friday, our daybed was delivered!  Woot woot!  We’ve been thinking about this and planning and getting the fabric just right, so I feel like it has been in the works for a while.  So great to finally have it – and it really exceeded my expectations.  I think it is just adorable, and once we get the TV mounted, it will make all the more sense!



This weekend we went to the Urban Market and got the “stand” for our stack of coffee table books (above).  The stack of books at the end of the daybed was Sara’s fabulous idea (Sara is my friend who is also a interior designer, helping us with our house!).  We have been collecting them for nearly a year now – unfort, we can’t use all the square ones we have!  Boom felt strongly that they should sit on something, not directly on the rug, so we’ve also been on the look out for something cool to put the books on.  And we got it – a rusty, 2 drawer tool box of sorts.  I think it is great!

We also got a table / desk for behind the couch (finally!):


We have been on this quest for months – Boom is so relieved that we finally got something!  and it was a pretty good price, respectively speaking.  It is funny how we change and learn – the older, more beat up with worm holes, the better!   I need to get 2 matching chairs to use at it.  We have been looking for so long for this piece, I asked Boom, what are we going to do now that we finally have it?!  You wouldn’t think it would be so hard, but it was.  Had to be the right height, and not too deep and not too long.  Even this one is a little short to sit under with the apron on it, but it will do.  We may raise it an inch or just use chairs with no cushions.  It will all work out.

Whew – no wonder we were exhausted from this weekend!  Lots going on, but really glad the living room is finally coming together.   What’s left?  Well, curtains (waiting on fabric), 3 chairs (not inc. the 2 I need for my desk), TV / sound, side tables, some more old books, and arranging the stuff on the bookshelves so it looks good.  Wow, still have a ways to go, but a lot of the big pieces are out of the way.


2 responses to “Looking more like a home…

  1. You have the room coming together nicely. I am vv impressed.

  2. Where, oh where did you find that fabulous couch fabric? Swoon.

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