Lazy, lazy, long weekend

This past long Memorial weekend, we didn’t do much!  And it was GREAT!  We got lots of sleep and spent lots of time together – it was just fabulash!

Friday night we did have plans – we went to Will’s Peru party with RH.  I knew it was going to be a random, fun party, but not everyone could appreciate it.  and I knew RH would love it – I was right!


We got adorable little pins with a photo of Machu Picchu that looked all old school.  And a favorite part for me – the characaturist!

IMG_2698I think he did a really good job with Boom – looks just like him!  I kinda look like an African-American / Asian version of myself.  But I like it – I look like I have a major ‘tude!

It was good a great mix of folks – old, young, very international – which I really love as well.  I wanted to get a photo will the Host with the Most (Wilber), but he was a busy, busy host.  I did get to see KD – she cracks me up so much!


The rest of the weekend was very low key.  Sunday night, Boom cooked us a very nutritious dinner, after going to the grocery store in the morning.  What a guy – he is definitely a keeper!  Yum – shrimps on the barbee – can’t beat that!



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