Meet me in St. Louis!


We’re headed to St. Louis for one of my BFFs from UVa’s shower and engagement party of sorts.  I am so excited, as I have never been there!  I do hope we have time to swing by the arch!

So, I am assuming we’ll be hanging out with Nelly, and maybe Mark McGwire and possibly Albert Pujols (pronounced poo-holes, always makes me giggle!).

But really, I am just thrilled to see Coco and Eagle – and meet some of Coco’s St. L friends, as well as see her family before the wedding festivities!  Should be a great time!


2 responses to “Meet me in St. Louis!

  1. We did not get to see the Arch, but we had a great time hanging with Coco and the gang. I ate a pork steak that was bigger than the steering wheel of an 18 wheeler big rig! GI-Normous!!

  2. hmmm…did you take a photo of the steak?

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