Lucky Girl

My birthday was on Wednesday, and I really am a lucky, lucky girl!


Birthday calls from the whole fam!

Musmie is overseas in Taiwan (and she usually never remembers my bday!), Dad- who I don’t think has ever called me on his own for my bday and then Yarbs, of course – she always remembers!


Box of cupcakes waiting for me at work!


T-shirt from LB from one of my favorite downtown lunch spots, Frank’s.


A GC from the Targ from 3 of my co-workers.


Boom made homemade crab mac’n’cheese – very yummy and very rich


A package of goodies arrived from Coco – and the goodies are from Mozambique!

‘Tis a good thing to be so loved! And the celebration didn’t stop there (more on that tomorrow)…

3 responses to “Lucky Girl

  1. And we get to celebrate one last time in 2 weeks 🙂
    p.s. some of the photos aren’t coming up

  2. Whose the male model holding up that Frank’s T-Shirt? Is it Bruno? Or some other delicious treat?

  3. I would like to comment on the birthday meal that was prepared by Boom. I wish to clarify that the photo does not do the effort and dacadence justice. I worked only multiple items concurrently and it took me several hours to prepare. The meal was delicious, but as with most caserole type offerings it is not all that sophisticated looking when served. Tinagling enjoyed it. For our anniversary on 6/14 I will have to go with a dinner out on the town.

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