I *heart* Boom

tingjohnSix years ago I married the most wonderful man I know – Boom!  We are so lucky to have found each other – and I am particularly lucky as Boom has a high tolerance for the crazies!

In the 9+ years we have been together, we’ve traveled from coast to coast in America / Central America (Belize, Costa Rica), Europe (France, Germany, Czech Republic), South America (Chile, Bolivia), and to Asia (all over China, twice!).  We’ve been / are homeowners in two different states, and adopted a dog-ter, Ruby.

We’ve been through so much, and I couldn’t ask for a better partner.  I just wish I could be a better wife – as we all know, cleaning and cooking are not my strong points.  Good thing Boom didn’t want to marry a housekeeper, rather a crazy / sporty / crafty / particular girl.  I really am the luckiest person I know!


3 responses to “I *heart* Boom

  1. Yes, you have a good egg! Happy anniversary!

  2. Lucky for both of us Ruby is a top notch house cleaner and accomplished chef. Her tireless contributions to the maintenance and upkeep of our houshold are truly amazing. The pup must never get a moment of sleep. Just go go go…

  3. happy anniversary…

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