Scenes from a Birthday Cookout…

IMG_2737Here are the hosts – J&J, with us bday girls!  S&J’s backyard was perfect for the cookout!  We really love them – they are such a great couple!

IMG_2731Yarbs and I  – Yarbs is like my show pony.  I can take her anywhere and people always love her!  She is so cute and fashionable, and nice and laid back.  She can easily talk to most anyone and is very likable.  All my friends who have met her really like her!  What’s not to like?!  (And we are the Darling Mermaid Darlings – a sister synchro swimming team!)


New friends (LB and A) and old (R and Yarbs) all together!  Fun times – it was a little warm when the party first started, but then it cooled off and the breeze picked up, which was nice.


The HAWC ladies together again – show how the JLH brings people together!  I am (kinda) sad that I am not in a community placement where I’ll see the same people week after week – it is a good way to get to know new friends.

The birthday cookout was a really good time.  It was super casual and laid back, which everyone enjoyed.  And we hired a guy to help with the party – so he grilled and kept food stocked and did all of the cleaning up afterwards – it totally rocked!  Nothing better than for Sunday to be a Funday!

3 responses to “Scenes from a Birthday Cookout…

  1. I was glad to meet all of your friends! I am so happy that you have been here all of 1 year and met so many nice peeps…not that I had any doubt!

  2. Party was a good time. I will now pat myself on my own back. Nice work Boom.

  3. exactly, there is nothing not to like about you two, both of you are just great…

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