So cultural!


Last week, Boom and I went to the Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant for the first WAC event we were able to attend – learning about Indego Africa – a non-profit that helps Rwandan women earn money from their handicrafts while training them so that they can someday be more self-sufficient.

It was really interesting – learning about the non-profit as well as checking out the Blue Nile.  I really want to go back and try the restaurant not during an event.  It was quite well attended, which is good.

We also went to Grooves Restaurant and Bar – for an opera event.  It is in the Third Ward, so I don’t think we would have ever just happened upon it.  I like being brought to places that I likely would never go to – ’tis a good thing.  And the HGOco opera / blues project was really quite interesting.

One response to “So cultural!

  1. Both events are great. I particulalry enjoyed when Texas Johnny Brown took ove the stage at Groove and started jamming. He has to be about 80 since his first hit was in 1945, but he can still kick it. Check him out at:

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