Flocking to the Zoo


This past Thursday, RAH and I flocked on over to the Houston Zoo – I had not yet been to the zoo and was curious about their new young professional group. I was worried it was going to be hot – and it was a bit warm, but there was a breeze and it cooled down quite a bit by the end. It was a really good time! We met up with K, a new friend of mine that I think is hilarious. She had a posse with her, so we just hang out with them all.


Here’s K – wearing a strapless romper! Very cute and stylish, but using the restroom would be annoying to me.


RAH had a really good time – and she was right – it was a nice mix of folks and ages. Not the usual suspects like when I go to any performing arts young professional event. We were with the elephants!


Here’s the baby – I think he is just 3 or 4 years old. But still weighs tons! I did feel bad, as the zoo was small and the elephant area was very small, with 4 elephants in it. I was glad to hear that they do brain stimulating exercises with the elephants, so that is a good thing.

After my trip to Africa many moons ago, I am torn about zoos. They are a good way to continue the species and have people experience animals that they likely would never be lucky to see in their natural habitat, but the spaces are so small. On the way to the elephants, we passed the leopards – their cage was quite small as well! I really felt bad for them, as they are used to being able to run and stretch their legs. [sigh] I guess zoos are necessary. But still made me sad for the animals…

3 responses to “Flocking to the Zoo

  1. yes I have mixed feelings about the zoo as well. that’s why i only go once every few years!

  2. I could not even remember when was the last time I went to zoo….

  3. Don’t forget to photograph the scrapbook you made!

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