Good Saturday


One of my favorite people ever is my sister Yarbs. So it is so great (SO GREAT!!!!) that we are in the same city – makes H-town all that much better. On Saturday, we spent most of the day together, she came over early to help with get started with the much belated scrapbook I told Boom’s mom I’d make her of the 40th anniversary party we kids threw for them last year. (It is done! Woot woot!)


Then we headed to Farrago in midtown for brunch (after trying Indika and Gravatas – lunch is not popular for restaurants, evidently). Then onto the Wortham for Swan Lake! It was great, but also really long. And very traditional – I think I like ballets that are a little bit more modern. Not totally modern, but just slightly.

Yarbs got me an awesome pair of Derek Lam oversized sunglasses – she had been complaining about my old, out of style shades for a while.


Aren’t they cute?! The best part is that they are pink on the inside! I really love them, and have totally been needing a new pair!

We’ll be celebrating again, once I can get her gift ordered and here! I know what I am getting her, just need to execute.

2 responses to “Good Saturday

  1. yes, ’twas a great day! i wish i had more saturdays!

  2. it’s so nice to have both of you around (althought it take 3-4 hours) but much better than richmond..

    the weather here is
    taiwan is really hot, we were is the pool a lot of time to cool off, luckily there are not that many people in the weekday ( the apt big aunt bought is a vacation house, most resdients come on weekend).

    we boungt a mini-notebook computer, the building has wireless on the 1st floor, so I am here doing email, it’s very convenient, else I have to take a bus or train to get to the library or coffee shop to use the computer…

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