Monthly Archives: June 2009

Hanging in the ‘Lou

Aside from hanging out with Albert Pujols and Nelly, we were able to squeeze in some quality time with Coco…

Saturday morning was Coco’s girly shower – so fun to meet a bunch of her STL friends.


Coco and 2 of her bridesmaids – me and SPB (a former Houstonian and Coco’s SIL).  We were working hard on making the “bouquet”.


And look at this adorable center piece – it is made up of 3 cake plates and seven dinner napkins – with adorable groom and bride rubber duckies on top!


Coco with her hostesses and her mumsie – Beck (in the blue) is one of her matrons of honor!

And later that day – the big “meat” party – the BBQ.  Here is the couple of honor:


This weekend was only the 2nd time I had met Eagle – and he seems really great.  Laid back and fun and genuine… and I can tell he really loves Coco, which makes me so happy!  Thus, I love Eagle!  He is clearly the smarted guy in DC – scooping up Coco as soon as he could!!!!

We learned a bunch about the STL…


Huge. Pork. Steak.  Actually, porksteak.  Evidently it is a special cut of pork only found in STL.  Boom got his fill of meat at the meat party, that is for sure.  He ate pork, sausage, and chicken!  He sure did have a pork belly after that…

IMG_2715The local brew – the rehearsal dinner is going to be at the brewhouse!  Now that should be a really fun time!


And the local sweet treat – frozen custard.  Much like frozen yogurt, but creamier and smoother.

IMG_2717Oh Coco!  What can I say?!  She is just the greatest, and we loved being able to spend time in STL with her and Eagle.  Can’t wait for more fun at the wedding!