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Craft-zilla, Part 2

Years and years ago, I saw this idea in MS Living, and actually got started on it, but never finished it.  I remember I bought shirts from the Clothes Rack in Richmond, VA, and took off their pockets and cut squares and sewed their pockets on different squares.


So that is as far as I got for years and years – until last weekend.  And, boy, I got a real appreciation for real quilters – even for this faux quilt, it was really hard!


It wasn’t too hard to sew into long strips… but putting those strips together with each other was another story…


Even with only 9 squares, it was hard to get the corners to line up (so all of mine did not, opps!).  I was constrained on the amount of fabric to add to the sides and tops based on the wool batting that I had.


So after I stuffed it and tacked it down (probably not as much as I needed to, but oh well) – my final shirt quilt is this:

IMG_2939I love it so much!  The original plan was to use this as a floor play mat for lil’ Cash Money, but I don’t want him slobbering all over it.  Oh well, I suppose I’ll get over it, but it was a lot of hard work!  So let’s see Martha’s version:

gt_quilt01_l (photo courtesy of Martha Stewart)

I didn’t put the tabs to be able to hang it (since it is supposed to be a floor mat) but I see why people do hand quilts, as they do take a lot of time to make!

Anyway, good experience making a faux quilt, but I am never going to be one of those really skilled and intricate quilters.  Takes more skill and patience than I have. I am sure our little babe will be just fine with this one, hopefully not too much slobber will be drooled on it!

Milestone and Craft-zilla, Part 1

Since everyone already knows, Internet (and you have likely already guessed), I will make the formal announcement:  I am preggers!  Due in December, a holiday baby.  And we couldn’t think of a better gift 😉  and today I just finished my 20th week, so am halfway there!  The day count will go down from here on out 🙂

Anyway, this weekend I was busy, busy, busy… making more blankets for lil’ Cash Money – I hope babies require lots of blankets, as I have been a blanket making machine.


This is like the other two – lightweight fabric on top, with flannel on the back and rickrack trim.  The rickrack is chenille, which made it a bit harder to work with.  But still cute enough.  And I am using up a lot of rickrack and fabric I had on hand.  Using up and making something useful, hopefully!


This one is made with that really soft plushie fabric – and cute lightweight fabric on top.  But the satin trim was quite difficult to work with – I even read the tutorial, but that didn’t help me much.  This blanket looks good from afar, but close up the stitching is all over the place!  Hopefully lil’ Cash Money doesn’t mind a homemade quality to his blankets.

More on my craftiness to come…

Made me giggle


I got a bunch of books from the library and started reading this one – The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy.  It is pretty hilarious – I have been giggling out loud and reading bits and pieces to Boom.  If you are preggers, read this book immediately!  It brings some humor and levity to an otherwise somewhat somber subject (or at least the books on the subject are rather dry).

Bags, bags and more bags!

Like I have said, I have been obsessed after seeing this blog entry.

So I have been a busy bee, making lots of shoe bags!  Her instructions are really great – much easier than other shoe bag instructions I have seen.  I did French seams, which actually took less time than zig zagging the edges like she does (and it looks better inside!).



I have already given a set away to S – my designer / friend – for her belated bday.

And a special embroidered one for my great friend, Coco:


The mushroom pattern is from this blog.

I heart the internet!  Many thanks to Betz White for her shoe bag tutorial and Andrea Zuill for the embroidery pattern!

One track mind

After seeing this post that uses vintage linens to make shoe bags, I have been really obsessed with finding some cool vintage linens.  But much easier said than done.

I did hit a few thrift stores, but most of them were too “nice” to even have old sheets.  Here are some of the treasures I found:

Fenton milkglass hobnail footed covered compote dish:


Milkglass hobnail vase:


A really great old drawer that we will hang on the wall with some curios on the little shelves:


All three were discovered at the Guild Shop of St. John the Divine – it really is a nice thrift shop.  And it is always hopping! I got there a few minutes after 10am (when it opened) and there were already a lot of folks there, with more arriving every second!

I got some really cool vintage napkins at my next stop, the Blue Bird Circle Resale Shop:


They remind me of vintage Vera prints.  I don’t think they are official Vera, but still very cute.

And I did find a couple vintage sheets:

IMG_2896The top green linen tablecloth is a vintage find that I carted down here from Richmond.  The other two were found at the Salvation Army here in H-town.  The little blue flowers is just a hemmed piece of fabric.  The lattice print is an actual vintage sheet!  Yay, finally!

I am wondering if Mumsie and Dad still have some of the old sheets they used to have when I was growing up.  I will investigate when we go up next month.

Blood, Sweat and Tears

All of Boom’s hard work really paid off last weekend – one of our many home improvement design projects…

Our shelves “before”:


“During” – finishing up the third coat of primer!


Two coats of Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay – looks good:


Now that the cabinets (tops, sides, backs, and bottoms) are done, onto the shelves:


At least the shelves only took 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint.  But it is hard work being in the garage with paint in 95+ degree weather:


It was at this point (above) when Boom was all “Gatorade. I need Gatorade!”

Nearing the end – install of the painted shelves:


and the “After” – looks gorgeous!  So professional – Boom’s perfectionist quality really paid off for this project!


and here’s a close up:


Boom is really a good sport.  I bet lots of hubbys would be less than thrilled to be painting cabinets in a brand new house.  And, to be sure, he wasn’t really psyched to be painting, but he did a great job and now can see how great it looks!  Makes the house a little bit more like our home.

Read this book, ASAP STAT


Not a lighthearted book, if that is what you are looking for.  But an incredible story of survival, in northern Africa, and also in the US.  I learned a great deal about the Sudanese civil war (which, formerly, I thought was mainly in Darfur) – some of the whys of the conflict are still a little hazy for me, but I have a much better grasp of it – and about refugee camps – how people can live decades in one, but they are always located where crops cannot be grown or animals raised.  So dependence on foreign aid is inevitable.

I cried and it made me think, marks of a good book to me!  Here is what New York Magazine thought of it.