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We’re out of h-e-double-hockey-sticks heat of H-town for a little over a week – so not much time to post when I can be reading, napping, walking on the beach, etc.

I am really loving this cool weather!  I feel bad for the folks here not from an extremely warm place – as it has been downright cool (and rainy) most days and nights.  But I can get plenty of sun when we go back to H-town, right now I am just enjoying sleeping with the windows opens, and being chilly!

Lots of family time, but ’tis a good thing, since Boom doesn’t get to see them all much.  And lots of good food – I think tonight we are having baked stuffed lobsters and home made clam chowder!  Good thing I am not on a diet or anything.

Today the final sister will arrive with the twins, so then there will be 6 kids, under the age of 10.  I love that I’ve known Boom, and his family, for so many years.  It is just great.  I really feel bad for people who don’t like their in-laws, everyone on Boom’s side is quite nice and I am quite fortunate to have married into such a nice family.  Perhaps I should try to learn how to make clam chowder today… that might be a task too daunting…


4 responses to “Va-Kay…

  1. sounds like a good vacay! we are up in yarlington right now getting the boat ready…and it is getting to be hotter than hades! we’ve got the a.c running so hopefully the house will cool down by tonight!
    I think PR starts in August…yes, I have been dvring the fashion show and watching when I have nothing else to do…they just aren’t as good!
    miss you!

  2. enjoying the cool weather, here is so hot even with the aircondition running…

  3. Enjoyed the time with family very much. Was a nice relaxing week away from work. I was however, very excited to see Ruby last night when we got home. She ran around in circles and handed out an endless supply of face licks.

  4. welcome home guys. gotta love the steamy weather!

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