A little dumber for having read it…


I can totally see the value of light, summer reading, but this book was really too much (or just too little, I guess).  I had some time on my hands when were were on vacation, so I finished three books.  One I loved (more on that one in a separate post), one was fine, but this one was just ri-donk-ulous!  I hated Candace Bushnell’s Sex and the City book (though I did love the TV show!) and so I probably should have known I’d hate Shopaholic and Baby.  I have never read The Devil Wears Prada, but I bet I’d feel the same way.

Not to say I hate all light reading – I didn’t hate Baby Proof by Emily Giffin, which I also finished this vacation, or The Pull of the Moon by Elizabeth Berg.  I finished that one before we left – it was recommended by Augusten Burroughs on NPR.  Ok, well, maybe that last one is not exactly light reading, but it was definitely easy reading – I didn’t love it but I certainly didn’t hate it.

Currently I have Other Voices, Other Rooms, by Truman Capote in the queue, also recommended by Augusten Burroughs, and am in the midst of The Good Parents, by Joan London, also an NPR recommendation.  I am glad I am reading more again – I was off the reading wagon for longer than I would like to admit.  Just need to stay away from the books that make me feel like I am getting dumber…


3 responses to “A little dumber for having read it…

  1. Looks like you’ve been reading a lot! Good thing to do whilst on vacay with the in laws!

  2. You claim it was a horrible book, but on the plane I heard you laughing out loud no less than 4x to 5x.

  3. I read a lot here in Taiwan too, we are going to Korean on 15th, it should be pretty good..

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