Really great weekend..

Boom wants to start getting some of our many home projects done in the next few month. This weekend, Boom worked on painting the insides and shelves of the glass front cabinets.  He is nearly done, after working 8+ hours on both Saturday and Sunday.

On Sunday, Yarbs and I spent most of the day together – had lunch then did a bunch of shopping.  I ended up getting quite a few items, but the sales were so great that I got them all for excellent prices.


Here are Yarbs and I – I am wearing the awesome new sunglasses Yarbs gave to me for my birthday, and she is sporting her new Hollywood Intuition sunglasses – very cute and quite a value! I love getting to spend time with my best gal – she is just the best!  I wish we could see each other more, but we are both very busy.

After Yarbs left in the late afternoon, I decided I should start getting some baby crafts out of the way – OMG – the two blankets I made came out SOOOO cute!  I love them!  and they weren’t too difficult.


I combo’ed two tutorials so that I could use what I had on hand – one from Purl Bee and one from Martha Stewart – and made the two blankets above.  One side is off white / light yellow flannel and the other side is light weight polka dots and a slightly heavier weight
green toile.  I found the slightly heavier weight fabric worked a little bit better.  The rick rack really makes the blanket – it is a little hard to work with to make sure it shows up on the edge, but I figured it out and really like it!

I need some more flannel to make more blankets!  I also know 2 ladies that are expecting (3 babies total!) so I am sure I’ll be making them a blanket or two – I hear you need lots of them once the baby arrives.  I think making some washcloths would be good as well.  and maybe blankets with cotton fleece – so many possibilities!

I haven’t touched my sewing machine in probably 4-6 months.  It felt really good to start crafting again!  I hope I can keep up the momentum!


2 responses to “Really great weekend..

  1. It was without question not a great weekend for Boom. I am tired.

  2. yes, I had a fab time too! we should do some crafting next week 🙂
    and you should post some pics of all of Boom’s hard work.

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