Blood, Sweat and Tears

All of Boom’s hard work really paid off last weekend – one of our many home improvement design projects…

Our shelves “before”:


“During” – finishing up the third coat of primer!


Two coats of Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay – looks good:


Now that the cabinets (tops, sides, backs, and bottoms) are done, onto the shelves:


At least the shelves only took 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint.  But it is hard work being in the garage with paint in 95+ degree weather:


It was at this point (above) when Boom was all “Gatorade. I need Gatorade!”

Nearing the end – install of the painted shelves:


and the “After” – looks gorgeous!  So professional – Boom’s perfectionist quality really paid off for this project!


and here’s a close up:


Boom is really a good sport.  I bet lots of hubbys would be less than thrilled to be painting cabinets in a brand new house.  And, to be sure, he wasn’t really psyched to be painting, but he did a great job and now can see how great it looks!  Makes the house a little bit more like our home.


2 responses to “Blood, Sweat and Tears

  1. I got a little tired just looking at the pictures.

  2. Yes, he is a great painter…does he want to come over and paint my bedroom 😉

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