One track mind

After seeing this post that uses vintage linens to make shoe bags, I have been really obsessed with finding some cool vintage linens.  But much easier said than done.

I did hit a few thrift stores, but most of them were too “nice” to even have old sheets.  Here are some of the treasures I found:

Fenton milkglass hobnail footed covered compote dish:


Milkglass hobnail vase:


A really great old drawer that we will hang on the wall with some curios on the little shelves:


All three were discovered at the Guild Shop of St. John the Divine – it really is a nice thrift shop.  And it is always hopping! I got there a few minutes after 10am (when it opened) and there were already a lot of folks there, with more arriving every second!

I got some really cool vintage napkins at my next stop, the Blue Bird Circle Resale Shop:


They remind me of vintage Vera prints.  I don’t think they are official Vera, but still very cute.

And I did find a couple vintage sheets:

IMG_2896The top green linen tablecloth is a vintage find that I carted down here from Richmond.  The other two were found at the Salvation Army here in H-town.  The little blue flowers is just a hemmed piece of fabric.  The lattice print is an actual vintage sheet!  Yay, finally!

I am wondering if Mumsie and Dad still have some of the old sheets they used to have when I was growing up.  I will investigate when we go up next month.


2 responses to “One track mind

  1. When I read the following line I would have sworn that it was being used to describe some crazy magical concotion from Harry Potter or the Hobbit. Alas it was just a white lumpy bowl for Tinger to add to her collection of white lumpy items.

    “Fenton milkglass hobnail footed covered compote dish”

  2. hey did you want to go thrifting this weekend?

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