Bags, bags and more bags!

Like I have said, I have been obsessed after seeing this blog entry.

So I have been a busy bee, making lots of shoe bags!  Her instructions are really great – much easier than other shoe bag instructions I have seen.  I did French seams, which actually took less time than zig zagging the edges like she does (and it looks better inside!).



I have already given a set away to S – my designer / friend – for her belated bday.

And a special embroidered one for my great friend, Coco:


The mushroom pattern is from this blog.

I heart the internet!  Many thanks to Betz White for her shoe bag tutorial and Andrea Zuill for the embroidery pattern!


3 responses to “Bags, bags and more bags!

  1. lovely! i lurv the one you made for me 🙂

  2. John did a great painting job, it looks great in your kitchen…….

  3. General Tinga –

    Window frame repair paint job now complete. Awaiting orders on next top priority mission

    Your humble servant,
    Japetto the Monkey Boy

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