Milestone and Craft-zilla, Part 1

Since everyone already knows, Internet (and you have likely already guessed), I will make the formal announcement:  I am preggers!  Due in December, a holiday baby.  And we couldn’t think of a better gift 😉  and today I just finished my 20th week, so am halfway there!  The day count will go down from here on out 🙂

Anyway, this weekend I was busy, busy, busy… making more blankets for lil’ Cash Money – I hope babies require lots of blankets, as I have been a blanket making machine.


This is like the other two – lightweight fabric on top, with flannel on the back and rickrack trim.  The rickrack is chenille, which made it a bit harder to work with.  But still cute enough.  And I am using up a lot of rickrack and fabric I had on hand.  Using up and making something useful, hopefully!


This one is made with that really soft plushie fabric – and cute lightweight fabric on top.  But the satin trim was quite difficult to work with – I even read the tutorial, but that didn’t help me much.  This blanket looks good from afar, but close up the stitching is all over the place!  Hopefully lil’ Cash Money doesn’t mind a homemade quality to his blankets.

More on my craftiness to come…


2 responses to “Milestone and Craft-zilla, Part 1

  1. Congrats, Ting! Yes, you will need lots of blankets for your sweet little one. The Girlfriend’s Guide is a great book, much more fun than the others out there. If you haven’t already, you should sign up for the Baby Center weekly email. It gives good info on the stages of baby growth and development.

  2. cute blankies! and i love his nickname 🙂

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