Craft-zilla, Part 2

Years and years ago, I saw this idea in MS Living, and actually got started on it, but never finished it.  I remember I bought shirts from the Clothes Rack in Richmond, VA, and took off their pockets and cut squares and sewed their pockets on different squares.


So that is as far as I got for years and years – until last weekend.  And, boy, I got a real appreciation for real quilters – even for this faux quilt, it was really hard!


It wasn’t too hard to sew into long strips… but putting those strips together with each other was another story…


Even with only 9 squares, it was hard to get the corners to line up (so all of mine did not, opps!).  I was constrained on the amount of fabric to add to the sides and tops based on the wool batting that I had.


So after I stuffed it and tacked it down (probably not as much as I needed to, but oh well) – my final shirt quilt is this:

IMG_2939I love it so much!  The original plan was to use this as a floor play mat for lil’ Cash Money, but I don’t want him slobbering all over it.  Oh well, I suppose I’ll get over it, but it was a lot of hard work!  So let’s see Martha’s version:

gt_quilt01_l (photo courtesy of Martha Stewart)

I didn’t put the tabs to be able to hang it (since it is supposed to be a floor mat) but I see why people do hand quilts, as they do take a lot of time to make!

Anyway, good experience making a faux quilt, but I am never going to be one of those really skilled and intricate quilters.  Takes more skill and patience than I have. I am sure our little babe will be just fine with this one, hopefully not too much slobber will be drooled on it!


2 responses to “Craft-zilla, Part 2

  1. I love it! Looks fab!

  2. Ruby will make it her own within a week if it is on the floor and she is a major slobberer.

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