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Cute Kit

I used one of the envelope pouches I made to hold a Bridal Emergency Kit I made for Coco – it turned out quite cute, if I do say so myself.  Here’s what I put into the kit:

IMG_3026A mirror/brush, Shout wipes, nail polish wipes (I wish I had had some of these on my honeymoon, so I hope she finds them helpful!), mints, band-aids, lotion, Chapstick and Advil (the tissues didn’t fit).


Here’s all the stuff in the bag – the bag was little so it ended up being chock full, which I like.  I mailed this treat to her hometown (where the wedding is) some hopefully she’s gotten it by now.


I think it is so cute!  I’ll be putting this kit together for a friend in the RIC, but in a cello bag, not a fabric one – so the tissues should fit in that kit.

I’ll be looking like a banana (Boom’s exact words when he saw me in the yellow bridesmaids dress) soon – very excited for the festivities!

Onesie Project

My good friend, J, has an adorable 2-year-old daughter with her hubby, M.  We went up to the Big D to visit them a couple weekends ago, which was so great!  IMG_2978

She had great advice and suggestions for us with lil’ Cash Money on the way.  One good idea she had (well, another high school friend had given her the idea) was to monogram blank onesies in a few different small sizes.  I was thinking about it, and realized I could also stencil on onesie to make them personal.  There are about a million freezer paper stencil tutorials out there, and I had seen a bunch of them on different occasions… so here is my easy peasy tutorial for freezer paper stencils…

What you need:

blank onesies

Freezer paper

fabric paper

light box

Xacto knife

Freezer Paper Stencil Tutorial

1) Wash, dry and iron your onesies.


2) Print shapes out – I used the free Animals font at

3)Place print out of shapes on light box – cover with freezer paper (plastic side down) and trace onto paper side of freezer paper.


4) Cut out shapes with Xacto knife.


5) Iron the wax side down onto front of onesie – and put a piece of wax paper or foil inside the onesie (so that if paint bleeds through it won’t get on the inside of the onesie).  Make sure all the edges are fully ironed down onto the onesie so that no paint will get under the stencil.


6) Use a foam brush and paint the stencil.  Let it dry and paint another coat.


7) You can also use stamps with fabric paint.  But if you do, realize that the 2nd coat will have to be put on with a small brush, since lining up the stamps for a 2nd coat will be nearly impossible.


8) Once you have let the paint dry for at least 4 hours, heat set (according to package directions) and voila – you are done!  Cute, easy, inexpensive and personalized for baby!


I am quite please with how they turned out!  Though I just used the onesie I had on hand (left over from The Paisley Kerchief), so I think I need to do this with some smaller sizes.  I’d like to get some dark colored onesie from American Apparel and do the same thing with light paint.

One last Restaurant Week visit


A young patron at the Opera told me Brasserie Max and Julie’s was her favorite restaurant in H-town (with so many eateries in this city, I always like to ask where people like to go).  And I was intrigued, as I had never heard of it.

It was on the Restaurant Week list, so R and I decided to give it a try (it was 2nd on the list – the first place did not have any availability).  Good company – celebrating R’s belate bday – and good food, you can’t ask too much else of a Thursday night.

It is kind of a sleeper restaurant – you don’t hear too much about it, but it was really good.  I would definitely go back!

Top 5…

Top 5 Things I Don’t Love about being Preggers:

5) Swelling feet.  I am sure the 100+ degree weather we are having (with 95% humidity) is not helping.

4) Back aches.  I just have a little spot to sometimes hurts – probably due to the hugness of my bossoms (see below).  I’m not really used to having aches, unless it is soreness due to a hard workout (which I like!).

3) Extreme tiredness.  I am slowing down a bit, but like to think that I can still do it all – and I can’t.  I know if I run in the morning, I will be dead tired at night, so I can’t run when I have something to go at night, without having a nap.  If I was still a veggie, I am sure this would be much worse.  And the ironic thing is since I have been preggers, I have experienced more insomnia than I ever have in my entire life.

2) Not being able to run very far.  I used to me an ultra-marathoner.  Now I am lucky if I can run for 20 mins.  Lil’ Cash Money is so greedy I get winded just walking up the stairs!

1) Huge bossoms.  It is ri-donk-ulous how large mine have become.  Esp. since I am an athletic person by nature, and normally an A/B cup (depending on how much I am working out).  They are really out of proportion – maybe the belly will catch up some day.

But, of course, it is all for the greater good.  So to end on a positive note…

Top 5 Things I Like about being Preggers:

5) Crafts, baby, crafts!  There are so many cute, cute baby crafts out there – love being able to make them for Cash Money.

4) Family excitment.  Mumsie / Dad and Yarbs are really excited, as well as Boom’s side of the family.  I am glad to be able to give everyone in the family a baby to love.

3) Re-evaluation of prioroties.  I am taking this time to really think about what is important to me, and to make those things the prioroties in my life, and not spend time on things / people / causes that I don’t love.

2) Boom.  He is always really great to me, but has been even that much more so since the start of this whole pregancy.  I do wish back scratches figured more prominently, though.

1) Knowing we’ll have a baby soon.  I love Cash Money already more than anything in the whole world (much to Boom’s chagrin).  and Boom will be such a great dad and we’ll be a fun and fabulous family!

So I am much more enamored with Cash Money himself than actually being preggers.  It really kinda sucks, but, of course, is well worth it.

Restaurant Week


(A slight misnomer since it is not just a week long, but I digress…)

We’ve been taking advantage of Restaurant Week this year (since we actually knew it was going on this year, as opposed to our clueless selves last year). We’ve been to Indika – my 2nd time and Boom’s first. It is a yummy place. and we went with a couple we had never been out with before and don’t know very well. We had a really lovely time! Hopefully we’ll be able to do it again.

And this past weekend, we went to The Glass Wall with S & J. They are so cute! We really love hanging out with them.



So we loved the company, but didn’t really love the place. My crab cake appetizer was quite good, but my tandoori chicken was way over-cooked and dry. My dessert was strawberry shortcake, which was good, but again the shortcake part was a little dry. So many people have said they love the place, so maybe it was just a restaurant week Saturday night mishap. I might try them again, but then again, there are so many restaurants I haven’t been to, I probably won’t be rushing to go back there.


… Craft Sunday Solo, not Cascading Style Sheet (that is what it would have meant to me year ago, in my consulting techie days)

Yesterday I was very productive!

Ever since I’d seen the Envelope Purse Tutorial on maya*made (a crafty blog I have been know to visit), I’ve been wanting to make one (or two). Here is how mine came out:


Not too shabby! Not as nice as Maya’s, but still pretty good (for me). They look great from far away – up close, you can tell that they are handmade (i.e. imperfect), but I guess that is part of the charm of handmade.


I love the covered buttons! They match the lining fabric. I used a heavier weight fabric for the outer fabric, and that added some bulk which made it harder to top stitch, but I thought that could make them a bit more durable.

I think I am going to give R the larger one, as part of her bday gift. Since she was out of town for her actual bday, we’ll be celebrating on Thursday! I want to put something(s) inside the bag, but I am not sure what yet.

Many, many thanks, maya*made for the great tutorial!

I also finished up 3 baby changing pads from Lotta Jandotter’s baby sewing book. I think the batting I used is slightly thicker than what is really necessary, but it is what I had on hand – and wanted to use some of it up.



Although these were rectangles (one of my fav shapes to sew) – they kinda took a long time, as there was a lot of cutting (3 layers – inside, batting, and outer layer) and then you had to sew the batting and inside layer together. I have some fabric that has a very thin layer of batting already quilted together – I will have to try that next.

I also finished one more project, but I’ll have to blog about that one later – as they are still drying, so I can’t take a “finished” photo of the items yet.

Whew – all these crafts, coupled with going to the grocery store this morning, have made me a tired gal (though not as tired as Boom – he’s been working in the yard in this extreme heat!).

Many installs…

This past week was a big one on the home front – we got our drapes for the family room and shades in the kitchen installed (finally!).

Before – rear of family room:




Before – rear of kitchen:




Before – over sink:



Makes things look finished! We still have a few things that we need in the family room, and in the kitchen, but things are really coming along!