Looking Back: 4th of July – fun times in Chatham

I just realized this post never got published – loved getting to relive the vacation!


Oh lovely Cape! Highs in the 60s and 70s – loved it! Sweatshirts required at night – how great is that?!


All the siblings were there, obsessed with a 1,000 piece puzzle…


Yummy… ate more than those days than I have in a long time…


and my favorite – clam chowda!


One 40th birthday girl – they are moving to Hong Kong! So so glad we got to spend lots of time with them…


and lots of rugrats… the noise they produced seemed to multiply exponentially…

Just happy to be where ever my honey is… Boom really is the best!

IMG_2854A lovely vacation – it was hard to come back to reality. Really hard to go from doing nothing to not having a moment’s rest. Such is the real world, at least there are always escapes to look forward to!


3 responses to “Looking Back: 4th of July – fun times in Chatham

  1. looks like a good vacay! i love that photo of you and boom!

  2. It was a great get away and I agree with Tinger that the weather, while off from years past, was a nice change from the heat/drought we are enjoying down here in Houston. Sounds like El Nino is coming through this fall/winter though and ought to make for nice weather. I am sure that will be appreciated by Tinger as she gets into her 3rd trimester.

  3. sounds like you have great time and a lotof fun…

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