Gotta luv Lotta…

I got my newest craft book late last week – and I could hardly wait until the weekend to get started on so many projects!


(Photo credit:  Lotta Jansdotter)

I have her other book, Simple Sewing, but I like this baby sewing book better.

So I was a tag blankie making fool…



I think I will keep the orange one for lil Cash Money, and use the other three as baby gifts for friends that are expecting around the same time as me.


I used my lovely woven tags on them, don’t they look great?!  I love my woven tags – one of my best purchases off Etsy.

As much as I would like to think I am a good seamstress, I really am not.  I do best with square items, and I really liked using some of the many ribbons I have.  I think the next thing I need to master is hand stitching – as most cute little stuffed things require hand stitching.  Sigh – so much to learn, so little time!

Anyway, I am quite pleased with how the tag blankies came out – I hope the bebes enjoy them!


2 responses to “Gotta luv Lotta…

  1. I love the plankets, it’s looking great..

  2. soory, type o, “blankets”

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