Artsy Fartsy

I do have to say I am an excellent (and I mean excellent) gift giver – case in point, the birthday gift I got for Yarbs:


A Roger Disney original! We saw his work at the Art Festival in Memorial Park earlier this year.  It was a bit tardy, as it took a while to contact him, and then pick the piece, then have it shipped to H-town.


I think she really likes it, though she has not taken it home yet…

We also finally got the the limited edition print from the UK that the nursery will be taking color cues from:


Our accent wall will be a mellow-er shade of yellow, and the other walls (and ceiling) will be a white-ish gray (pale gray). The crib is gray as well, and the roller shades will be white and gray.  The babe will have a modern sensibility.

Things are coming along with the nursery, but I am little nervous as we still have a lot to do!  It will all get done, right?!


2 responses to “Artsy Fartsy

  1. I think I may pick it up today if I have time at lunch 🙂

  2. Tingster-

    Oh, how I love how you always keep your mind on art! The baby creations are beautiful. I hope you are well. xoxo, Neener

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