I am such a lucky girl – and so is this baby… to be surrounded by some much love…

I had a great surprise when I got home today – a package from my pal Al!


It was full of goodies for little Cash Money!  So many cute, cute things!  I can’t wait for him to be able to use them all:


Love the blanket – it is super soft – and had rick rack around the edge!  Same with the adorable bib – rick rack everywhere!  Love it!  And the teeny little shoes – how adorable are they?!  with little pups on them!!!  They are all handmade goodies she got from Etsy.


Thanks so much Al, I love ya!  So glad we’ve been friends for 20+ years – here’s to 20+ more!


4 responses to “Lucky

  1. I can’t wait to put Cash Money in those shoes and a robe. I plan to get a camcorder and dress him in that outfit for his first mockumentary episode of MTV Cribs. The first scene will be Cash Money in his crib in that outfit saying “Welcome to My Crib!” It will be most excellent.

  2. So sweet! Yes, we are all eagerly waiting for our darling cash money. Can’t wait to shower him with loves!

  3. Aww, yay!! So glad you liked everything – I had so much fun picking everything out! Cheers to 20+ years, love ya too!


  4. they are so cute…everybody is waiting him to arrive…

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