… Craft Sunday Solo, not Cascading Style Sheet (that is what it would have meant to me year ago, in my consulting techie days)

Yesterday I was very productive!

Ever since I’d seen the Envelope Purse Tutorial on maya*made (a crafty blog I have been know to visit), I’ve been wanting to make one (or two). Here is how mine came out:


Not too shabby! Not as nice as Maya’s, but still pretty good (for me). They look great from far away – up close, you can tell that they are handmade (i.e. imperfect), but I guess that is part of the charm of handmade.


I love the covered buttons! They match the lining fabric. I used a heavier weight fabric for the outer fabric, and that added some bulk which made it harder to top stitch, but I thought that could make them a bit more durable.

I think I am going to give R the larger one, as part of her bday gift. Since she was out of town for her actual bday, we’ll be celebrating on Thursday! I want to put something(s) inside the bag, but I am not sure what yet.

Many, many thanks, maya*made for the great tutorial!

I also finished up 3 baby changing pads from Lotta Jandotter’s baby sewing book. I think the batting I used is slightly thicker than what is really necessary, but it is what I had on hand – and wanted to use some of it up.



Although these were rectangles (one of my fav shapes to sew) – they kinda took a long time, as there was a lot of cutting (3 layers – inside, batting, and outer layer) and then you had to sew the batting and inside layer together. I have some fabric that has a very thin layer of batting already quilted together – I will have to try that next.

I also finished one more project, but I’ll have to blog about that one later – as they are still drying, so I can’t take a “finished” photo of the items yet.

Whew – all these crafts, coupled with going to the grocery store this morning, have made me a tired gal (though not as tired as Boom – he’s been working in the yard in this extreme heat!).


3 responses to “CSS

  1. It was hot out there working in the yard. Things look a little better, but unlike Tingaling’s crafting adventures I feel like the change in work product is not that material. A little frustrating for all the effort that goes into it. Can’t wait until we decide what we want in the yard and take out what the builder put in. I can’t stand what he put in – they are hard to maintain, don’t do well in the extreme dry weather we have had and IMO are UGLY!

  2. all the stuffs you made is really pretty!!!!!!

    just don’t exhausted yourself..

  3. so crafty! i am looking forward to some crafting this weekend šŸ™‚

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