Restaurant Week


(A slight misnomer since it is not just a week long, but I digress…)

We’ve been taking advantage of Restaurant Week this year (since we actually knew it was going on this year, as opposed to our clueless selves last year). We’ve been to Indika – my 2nd time and Boom’s first. It is a yummy place. and we went with a couple we had never been out with before and don’t know very well. We had a really lovely time! Hopefully we’ll be able to do it again.

And this past weekend, we went to The Glass Wall with S & J. They are so cute! We really love hanging out with them.



So we loved the company, but didn’t really love the place. My crab cake appetizer was quite good, but my tandoori chicken was way over-cooked and dry. My dessert was strawberry shortcake, which was good, but again the shortcake part was a little dry. So many people have said they love the place, so maybe it was just a restaurant week Saturday night mishap. I might try them again, but then again, there are so many restaurants I haven’t been to, I probably won’t be rushing to go back there.


One response to “Restaurant Week

  1. I will likely not make it back there anytime soon. The fixed menu for the night included three entree options: 1) Chicken Fried Steak; 2) Tandori Chicken (which was bone dry); and 3) Pork Loin with Pork Bellies

    I must have read the menu like 30 times to try and figure out which one of these three options was the least terrible of the three. BLAHHHH!!!

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