Top 5…

Top 5 Things I Don’t Love about being Preggers:

5) Swelling feet.  I am sure the 100+ degree weather we are having (with 95% humidity) is not helping.

4) Back aches.  I just have a little spot to sometimes hurts – probably due to the hugness of my bossoms (see below).  I’m not really used to having aches, unless it is soreness due to a hard workout (which I like!).

3) Extreme tiredness.  I am slowing down a bit, but like to think that I can still do it all – and I can’t.  I know if I run in the morning, I will be dead tired at night, so I can’t run when I have something to go at night, without having a nap.  If I was still a veggie, I am sure this would be much worse.  And the ironic thing is since I have been preggers, I have experienced more insomnia than I ever have in my entire life.

2) Not being able to run very far.  I used to me an ultra-marathoner.  Now I am lucky if I can run for 20 mins.  Lil’ Cash Money is so greedy I get winded just walking up the stairs!

1) Huge bossoms.  It is ri-donk-ulous how large mine have become.  Esp. since I am an athletic person by nature, and normally an A/B cup (depending on how much I am working out).  They are really out of proportion – maybe the belly will catch up some day.

But, of course, it is all for the greater good.  So to end on a positive note…

Top 5 Things I Like about being Preggers:

5) Crafts, baby, crafts!  There are so many cute, cute baby crafts out there – love being able to make them for Cash Money.

4) Family excitment.  Mumsie / Dad and Yarbs are really excited, as well as Boom’s side of the family.  I am glad to be able to give everyone in the family a baby to love.

3) Re-evaluation of prioroties.  I am taking this time to really think about what is important to me, and to make those things the prioroties in my life, and not spend time on things / people / causes that I don’t love.

2) Boom.  He is always really great to me, but has been even that much more so since the start of this whole pregancy.  I do wish back scratches figured more prominently, though.

1) Knowing we’ll have a baby soon.  I love Cash Money already more than anything in the whole world (much to Boom’s chagrin).  and Boom will be such a great dad and we’ll be a fun and fabulous family!

So I am much more enamored with Cash Money himself than actually being preggers.  It really kinda sucks, but, of course, is well worth it.


5 responses to “Top 5…

  1. I want to see the preggers belly!

  2. Me too!!! 🙂

  3. We are all eagerly waiting his arrival and yes, he will be worth it! In the meantime, go ahead, you definitely deserve a nap!

  4. It is tough to give back scratches when your hands are gnarled like wooden monkey claws from all the manual labor of getting Cash Money’s pad set up. Maybe I will buy one of the actual wooden monkey claws on a stick to do the scratching for me.

  5. all the suffering will be passing away….and all the happiness will be there forever!!!!!!!!
    I can’t wait for his arrival…

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