Onesie Project

My good friend, J, has an adorable 2-year-old daughter with her hubby, M.  We went up to the Big D to visit them a couple weekends ago, which was so great!  IMG_2978

She had great advice and suggestions for us with lil’ Cash Money on the way.  One good idea she had (well, another high school friend had given her the idea) was to monogram blank onesies in a few different small sizes.  I was thinking about it, and realized I could also stencil on onesie to make them personal.  There are about a million freezer paper stencil tutorials out there, and I had seen a bunch of them on different occasions… so here is my easy peasy tutorial for freezer paper stencils…

What you need:

blank onesies

Freezer paper

fabric paper

light box

Xacto knife

Freezer Paper Stencil Tutorial

1) Wash, dry and iron your onesies.


2) Print shapes out – I used the free Animals font at

3)Place print out of shapes on light box – cover with freezer paper (plastic side down) and trace onto paper side of freezer paper.


4) Cut out shapes with Xacto knife.


5) Iron the wax side down onto front of onesie – and put a piece of wax paper or foil inside the onesie (so that if paint bleeds through it won’t get on the inside of the onesie).  Make sure all the edges are fully ironed down onto the onesie so that no paint will get under the stencil.


6) Use a foam brush and paint the stencil.  Let it dry and paint another coat.


7) You can also use stamps with fabric paint.  But if you do, realize that the 2nd coat will have to be put on with a small brush, since lining up the stamps for a 2nd coat will be nearly impossible.


8) Once you have let the paint dry for at least 4 hours, heat set (according to package directions) and voila – you are done!  Cute, easy, inexpensive and personalized for baby!


I am quite please with how they turned out!  Though I just used the onesie I had on hand (left over from The Paisley Kerchief), so I think I need to do this with some smaller sizes.  I’d like to get some dark colored onesie from American Apparel and do the same thing with light paint.


3 responses to “Onesie Project

  1. I love these! I can’t wait to see the Jack Man wearing them!

  2. so cute! can you believe a new person is coming into our lives in 4 month??? can’t wait!

    have a great time in St. Louis! give colette a big hug for me 🙂


  3. they are so cute….looks like everything is ready for him……

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