Cute Kit

I used one of the envelope pouches I made to hold a Bridal Emergency Kit I made for Coco – it turned out quite cute, if I do say so myself.  Here’s what I put into the kit:

IMG_3026A mirror/brush, Shout wipes, nail polish wipes (I wish I had had some of these on my honeymoon, so I hope she finds them helpful!), mints, band-aids, lotion, Chapstick and Advil (the tissues didn’t fit).


Here’s all the stuff in the bag – the bag was little so it ended up being chock full, which I like.  I mailed this treat to her hometown (where the wedding is) some hopefully she’s gotten it by now.


I think it is so cute!  I’ll be putting this kit together for a friend in the RIC, but in a cello bag, not a fabric one – so the tissues should fit in that kit.

I’ll be looking like a banana (Boom’s exact words when he saw me in the yellow bridesmaids dress) soon – very excited for the festivities!


2 responses to “Cute Kit

  1. Thoughtful little kit T-Duck. The wedding and weekend were great. Enjoyed getting to see a little more of St. Louis a new town for me.

  2. Looks cute! Can’t wait to see the photos!

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