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I am such a lucky girl – and so is this baby… to be surrounded by some much love…

I had a great surprise when I got home today – a package from my pal Al!


It was full of goodies for little Cash Money!  So many cute, cute things!  I can’t wait for him to be able to use them all:


Love the blanket – it is super soft – and had rick rack around the edge!  Same with the adorable bib – rick rack everywhere!  Love it!  And the teeny little shoes – how adorable are they?!  with little pups on them!!!  They are all handmade goodies she got from Etsy.


Thanks so much Al, I love ya!  So glad we’ve been friends for 20+ years – here’s to 20+ more!


Artsy Fartsy

I do have to say I am an excellent (and I mean excellent) gift giver – case in point, the birthday gift I got for Yarbs:


A Roger Disney original! We saw his work at the Art Festival in Memorial Park earlier this year.  It was a bit tardy, as it took a while to contact him, and then pick the piece, then have it shipped to H-town.


I think she really likes it, though she has not taken it home yet…

We also finally got the the limited edition print from the UK that the nursery will be taking color cues from:


Our accent wall will be a mellow-er shade of yellow, and the other walls (and ceiling) will be a white-ish gray (pale gray). The crib is gray as well, and the roller shades will be white and gray.  The babe will have a modern sensibility.

Things are coming along with the nursery, but I am little nervous as we still have a lot to do!  It will all get done, right?!

Gotta luv Lotta…

I got my newest craft book late last week – and I could hardly wait until the weekend to get started on so many projects!


(Photo credit:  Lotta Jansdotter)

I have her other book, Simple Sewing, but I like this baby sewing book better.

So I was a tag blankie making fool…



I think I will keep the orange one for lil Cash Money, and use the other three as baby gifts for friends that are expecting around the same time as me.


I used my lovely woven tags on them, don’t they look great?!  I love my woven tags – one of my best purchases off Etsy.

As much as I would like to think I am a good seamstress, I really am not.  I do best with square items, and I really liked using some of the many ribbons I have.  I think the next thing I need to master is hand stitching – as most cute little stuffed things require hand stitching.  Sigh – so much to learn, so little time!

Anyway, I am quite pleased with how the tag blankies came out – I hope the bebes enjoy them!

Crochet love

Yarbs and I took a crochet class a couple months ago – she didn’t love it, but I found it to be much easier than knitting, so I did kinda love it.  I started on a baby blanket before I knew lil’ Cash Money is a boy, so I just used a bunch of different, bright colors with white.  And I figured that I would do the edge in either blue or pink, depending on what the bebe is.

I wanted to do a scallop border, but didn’t know how.  Then I stumbled across this tutorial – which was really great (how much do I *heart* the Internet?!  a lot a lot!) – thanks so much!  Anyway, here is the final blanket:


Not sure if you can tell or not, but the purple striped side is smaller than the yellow striped side – so the blanket is not exactly square.  Oh well, hopefully lil’ Cash Money won’t mind.

Isn’t the scalloped edge cute?  I really love it and it wasn’t very hard!  It took me just a few hours to get on the blanket, but makes a world of difference – makes it seem finished.  I really love how it came out!


I might knit a blanket and put this same scalloped edge on it – but how many blankets does one baby need?  I think this blanket makes the total that I have made 5!  I think I can lay off making any more blankets…

Looking Back: 4th of July – fun times in Chatham

I just realized this post never got published – loved getting to relive the vacation!


Oh lovely Cape! Highs in the 60s and 70s – loved it! Sweatshirts required at night – how great is that?!


All the siblings were there, obsessed with a 1,000 piece puzzle…


Yummy… ate more than those days than I have in a long time…


and my favorite – clam chowda!


One 40th birthday girl – they are moving to Hong Kong! So so glad we got to spend lots of time with them…


and lots of rugrats… the noise they produced seemed to multiply exponentially…

Just happy to be where ever my honey is… Boom really is the best!

IMG_2854A lovely vacation – it was hard to come back to reality. Really hard to go from doing nothing to not having a moment’s rest. Such is the real world, at least there are always escapes to look forward to!