Our First BIG Baby Item…

mahogany gym 700

When we got home from St. Louis, a big package was waiting for us on our front step (luckily we live in Happy Land ;-)…

The Cariboo Activity Gym – it also doubles as a mobile on the Cariboo bassinet that Yarbs and Joe are so generously purchasing as a shower gift for us!  I think it is beautiful – I am not a huge fan of all the plastic ugliness that most activity gyms / baby toys are these days.  and they are eco-friendly, which is definitely an added plus for me!  I will, of course, be making some additional hanging toys – that will be easy and fun!

I have been registering and it is really quite painful.  Not fun at all.  I have no idea which wipe warmer is better than the other – and the reviews seems to be contradictory!  Oh well, getting there, slowly but surely.  And it is really not about the showers, just ready to meet Cash Money!


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