Meet Me in St. Louis

This past weekend was Coco & Eagle’s wedding weekend – and we had a blast!

We got in Thursday morning to catch the Cards / ‘stros game in Busch Stadium – and Houston was able to eek out a W!  I do love all the red – and I had to borrow the visor, as it was sunny and hot in our very excellent seats between third and home plate.


Friday was the Luncheon and Rehearsal dinner – at a microbrew in St. Louis, the headquarters of Anheuser Busch (but I guess it is now foreign owned)!



Saturday morning, bright and early, was hair and make-up.  Part of our bridesmaids (matrons?) gifts were these adorable flip flops – that got a ton of use at the reception!


And of course the bride looked gorgeous!

IMG_3192Then the wedding… and the newlyweds!


I got to sneak a nap in between the post-wedding lunch for the bridal party and reception.  It was a good thing I did!  The reception was at the Natural History Museum, and it was just so beautiful!


The bridesmaid dresses were adorable, from J. Crew, and bright yellow.  Here I am, looking like a banana!


The weather was unbelievable!  No humidity and not too hot – it was actually chilly during the cocktail hour outside before the reception.

The happy couple…


Loved the extra-large sparklers!  and the send off…


Whew!  It was go go go all weekend long – no time to check out the arch.  We had an awesome time!  But I am tired now…  Glad that everything went off without a hitch! Love you Coco and Eagle!!!


One response to “Meet Me in St. Louis

  1. Nice blog with very nice pictures. It was nice going through your blog. Keep it up the good work. Enjoy your life 🙂

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