Ah the Northeast… in the Summer

We spent nearly a week up in Maine over Labor Day – and the weather was just incredible!  Low, low humidity, highs in the 70s and lows in the 40s – loved being cold at night!


We stayed just outside of Portland with Boom’s brother and sis and law.  Of course we went into Portland, Freeport and Kennebunkport.


We got our first taste of the Wii – and we are hooked!  It is so much fun!  Boom and I did pretty good for novices in bowling.  He also dominated his bro and uncle in boxing…


We caught a Sea Dogs game, the Boston Red Sox AA team.  I felt so wholesome – a little slice of Americana!


Little E is so cute!  and just such a good kid.  I want Cash Money to be as good of a kid a her – dare to dream.

It was great seeing most of Booms immediate family (the only one missing was K, and she just moved to Hong Kong, so understandable that she was not there).  It was also great checking out “the best ice cream in Maine” – definitely the best named…

A great trip – glad we got to see everyone, as we won’t be traveling any time soon up that way.  It is a long flight, and not too comfortable as a preggers lady.  I do miss the weather, but I have to remember we went up during the best weather of the year – and that their winters are long, LONG, LONG and cold, cold COLD!!!!


2 responses to “Ah the Northeast… in the Summer

  1. looks like you had a great trip!

  2. Was a great trip up to the North. Enjoyed getting to spend some time with my family and check out my brother and sister’s new places. Thanks much to Tingaling for being a good sport!!

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