Third Trimester!

So I meant to post the weekly photo we take – so everyone can see how big the buddha has gotten!  But we forgot to take the picture this morning, so it will have to be later this week.

I will say that everyone that has guessed what I am having (who don’t know me well) after I started to show has guessed a boy.  Mainly because of the following:

1) I am carrying low, and

2) It is all in my belly.

Before I really started showing, Boom’s mom thought I was having a girl, but I think that was too early on. 

So there might be something to those old wives tales… I guess they are kinda rooted in something?


3 responses to “Third Trimester!

  1. Yes bumpie photos please! I love preggie bellies – they are so cute!

  2. Week 27 is in the books and Tingaling is making her way through week 28. I have been trying to help by making sure she gets good dinners and good snacks so that she and Cash Money are both getting what they need. We are meeting some friends tonight at a restaurant called Feast. It was names as one of the top 10 restaurants in America by Bon Appetit in 2009 and one of the Big 3 best meals in the US by GQ mag. They also had a piece done on them by the NY Time

    Will let you know how it is!!

  3. Last weekend we had a beach party, because of rainning, there was no beach anymore, we had the party inside with a band, it’s pretty laud.
    All the neighbors were asking how big are you?

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