7 months!!!!

IMG_3473So I am at 7 months today!!!  Craziness, just 3 more to go (yes, humans have a 10 month gestation period).  And a lovely belly shot for those who have been wanting to see it…  I’ll take some more when I am in a nicer outfit at some point.

The update:  I took the glucose test (drinking a gross sugary drink – like a Gatorade but thicker and sweeter) and thankfully everything came back normal and I do not have gestational diabetes.  Although I am eating meat these days, I am still slightly anemic, so the doc has put me on iron supplements twice a day.  Hard to fit those in with all the restrictions on what to take them with to help with absorbtion and avoiding anything that will block absorbtion… fun times.

We have taken (1) 6-hour breast feeding class, and 2 (of our 8) birthing classes.  So we have the following classes to go:  hospital tour (not really a class, per se, but we will learn a lot), life with baby, and baby CPR.  Last birthing class, we saw two videos of births, and they were nearly too much for me.  I was all, I am not ready for this, and what is all that goo that the baby is covered in?!  I just never knew babies came out covered with so much gunk!  Boom was also disturbed, but I told him no matter how disturbed he is, I am like 100X as disturbed.  He is more worried about getting everything finished for Cash Money’s arrival – we’ll get there.

I think I need a pair of maternity jeans – I’ve gotten by so far on very little maternity clothing, which is a good thing, I think.  But I think a good pair of jean will carry me through these last 3 months.


4 responses to “7 months!!!!

  1. Tinger is correct. Lots to do – Little time left to do it. Tinger’s belly is very very cute!!

  2. I love love love the pregger belly! We should do a photo shoot soon! Bfast sounds fab…I will be done with yogi at 10:30

  3. Yay!!!! Love the belly pic – soooo cute!!!!!

  4. cute belly…..a lot of works before Cash Money’s arrival…….

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