Busy with Buckets

There are many tutorials out there that I want to try, so on Saturday I had some time in the afternoon and decided to make some fabric buckets.

For the first two, I used this tutorial from Ric-Rac blog.  Many thanks to Jodi for putting this tutorial up!


I think they turned out pretty cute!  The only thing I didn’t realize is that she calls for hand slip stitching to finish them off, and I avoid hand stitching at all costs.  So I modified the tut a little bit – ended up not sewing both inner and out fabrics into one long tube (tho that does help with making sure the lining fits exactly) and instead made the outer bucket then the inner bucket and attached them by stuffing the outer into the inner (right sides facing) and stitching the upper lip about 3/4 way closed.  Then I turned them all the right way and was able to close off the opening with the sewing machine.


I am using all these buckets to help organize my sewing notions.  I have a little bookshelf that I have decided will hold my notions, so I can see them all, and not have to pull out a big bin and dig through it each time I need one little thing.

My second, larger buckets came from this tutorial from Pippijoe.  Many thanks to Caitlin for making this tut available!


I took her measurements and made them slightly larger in diameter and slightly taller.  I basically just did the same thing I did before – made 2 baskets and then sewed them together across their top edge.


One is filled with my embroidery stuffs and the other is still empty!  I like how they came out.

Buckets are relatively easy to make – they do get a little tricky when you attach the round bottom to the tube (for both lining and outer fabrics), but at little puckering never hurt anyone.  And it is worth it to use lining with interfacing ironed onto the lining.  Makes it more time consuming, but gives the buckets more shape that stays.  The bigger blue ones are quilted, so I ironed the interfacing onto the quilting directly.  It just takes a lot of time to trace then cut circles and rectangles out of the outer fabric, inner fabric, lining and then interfacing.  Then ironing the interfacing onto the lining is also time consuming.

I think I will try to make some that are slightly even larger than the blue ones, and if I can get all the lining and interfacing shapes traced, maybe Boom will cut a whole bunch when he is watching the tube.  Or I can do it when we are chillaxing in from of the TV.

I want to make some in gray and yellow for Cash Money’s room, to put on top of his bookshelf.  I also need to make some more for my craft room, to make sure I keep it organized!  So many projects, so little time!


4 responses to “Busy with Buckets

  1. Nice buckets, Tur-Duck-et!

  2. I will cut for you..

  3. Those are so cute! Love ’em!

  4. they are cute, but too much works…

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