More belly…

Here I am on Sunday, as Yarbs and I were heading out to run some errands – seem like I am getting bigger daily!

belly 28wks

Which I indeed am… just try to disregard my triple chin…

I wonder how long it will take me to lose all the weight I have gained and get back to normal once Cash Money is here.  I guess people say 9 months up, so at least 9 months down.  I would like to lose it faster than 9 months, but I guess I just won’t know if that is possible until I am doing it…  fun times to come…


3 responses to “More belly…

  1. You look GREAT – love the baby bump pics!!!


  2. really you should just get preggers again really soon after cash money arrives, have another baby and THEN worry about losing any residual baby weight 😉

  3. I agree with ee 100%…..sooner or later the gained weight will be gone….

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