At least he won’t get cold

I have made a couple more blankets!  Yes, yes, I know, Cash Money will have plenty of blankets, but they are not all for him.  I know a host of ladies that are having bebes so I may gift them – I think that would be a nice gift – a handmade blanket!

Here are the latest:

IMG_3506I love this crocheted blanket!  It is just really simple, single crochet throughout, except for the part where I did a treble crochet and then wove some ribbon through it.  I think it is adorable!

IMG_3508For this blanket, I had seen this tutorial (the large cross was a little distracting, but I got over it) – and then bought the Skip Stitch blades original and #2 (discovering the awesomeness of rotary cutters along the way) to help make the holes that I needed to crochet into.  Then I used this tutorial to do the basic stitching around the edges.

This one is pretty good, but I think my next one will be even better.  The hem I put on the blanket was a little large so the holes are rather far from the edges, and thus the crocheting is kind of loose.  She uses a serger in her tutorial, but I think I could do the same thing (with rounded corners) with a zigzag stitch closer to the edge.

I am still working on a fleece blanket with a crochet edge, but I ran out of the yarn I was using for the edging.  I need to curb my blanket making, I think.  Tho on our hospital tour, they told us to bring a car seat and a few blankets for the baby.  So we will be all set on that front (blanket, that is, not yet purchased the car seat).


2 responses to “At least he won’t get cold

  1. the blanket is very cute and warm, cash money will love it wrapped around his body because it was made with mother’s loving heart….

  2. As long as Cash can shake his money maker he won’t get cold. He is going to have to defend his blankets against Ruby’s repeated attempts to claim ownership to any blanket and/or area in the house were the sun might have warmed the wood floor. Ruby is pretty tough. From the looks of the 30 week ultarsound though CM seems like he is going to be able to hold his own. He is working some fierce cheeks. No doubt inherited from Tingaling.

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