We finally got our rug that we ordered 9 weeks ago (we had ordered the crib then as well, but when it came it, it was damaged!!!  GRRR) from a store that will remain un-named.  The rug is super cute!  I love it – it is a Dash and Albert – matches the old couch perfectly.  Well, with all the colors, it would match a lot of stuff.


Really makes the landing seem much more finished – just need to get a TV and we’ll really be in business!  Eventually I would like to get an oval coffee table (and we’ll use that sturdy rectangular coffee table as a bench in one of the bedrooms – I’ll make a cushion for it at that point) and some more seating, but it is a marathon, not a sprint.

I think some floor cushions would also be good.  I think S (designer / friend) would like to have a window seat made eventually.  Lots of space up front to play with lil’ Cash Money and his toys!


One response to “Zigzag

  1. Cute rug! Sorry about the crib…have you ordered it and the bassinett yet?

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