More treasures…

I was out during my lunch break last week and was able to do a little thrifting – it was quite a nice experience, compared to when I go on Saturdays.  I guess on Saturdays it is just so packed.

Anyway, I got some great additions to my hobnail collection:


A shorter, wider hobnail milk glass vase.  I didn’t have this shape yet, so glad that I was able to snag it.

IMG_3495A vintage depression glass cup and saucer – with the same exact pattern as the plates that I had bought earlier!



Not hobnail, but totally loved the shape – it is adorable!  And it was on “sale” – the thrift store where I get these things will put dates on the price tag that decrease with the amount of time they are out on the store floor.  So I got this little treasure for just $1!  I wanted to put it on my windowsill to put my rings when I wash the dishes, but it is a bit too big to fit on the sill.  Regardless, I am sure I will find a good home for it, and I really just love it!


2 responses to “More treasures…

  1. you and your random glassware…

  2. Cute Hobgoblin stuff.

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