Busy Busy Busy

Too much going on… a roadtrip… a reunion… a shower… a birthday… numerous events at work…

Anyway, just wanted to post my most recent and favorite plushie I have made to date:


Oh-Oh the Owl (Many thanks to One Red Robin for the pattern!)  And what could be better than one Oh-Oh the Owl?  How about two?!


I think I made their heads too large, but they came out well.  I think I liked this plushie tutorial because the finished product is large enough to not have to hand stitch (the ban of my existence – I won’t do it!).

Next time I will use a thicker body fabric – other than that, these were quick to make and easy!  I like to make things in 2, as it doesn’t take twice as long to do, but in the end you have double!  I should have mixed up the felt a little bit, so that they are not exactly the same, but oh well.  Boom likes how sleepy they look.

I want to give one as a gift, but Boom wants me to keep both for Cash Money.  Why he needs to owls that are exactly the same is beyond me 😉  He never wants me to give my handicrafts as gifts, though – I think because he knows how much time I spend on them, he wants them to be appropriately appreciated.  Which is sweet of him.

Haven’t had time to craft (or blog) recently, but hopefully things will settle down before CM arrives and I can do both, as after he comes, all bets are off!

3 responses to “Busy Busy Busy

  1. I love those owls!! They are so cute!

  2. My theory on having two for Cash Money is simple. At some point either he or you will leave one of them somewhere and he will end up melting down because you have lost his favorite toy. If there is a second stashed away somewhere he will be none the wiser when his friend miraculously finds his way beck into his arms and has a small scroll message tied to his ankle that reads “Don’t ever forget me again!”

    It will be a good opportunity for you to teach CM that owls tend to carry messages out for their owners and then return with responses. Obviously Oh Oh knows how to get home.

  3. They are adorable! Great work! I’m so glad you found the tutorial easy to follow (and make). I agree with you too – I’m not fond of hand-sewing so I tried to make sure this pattern could be done without any hand-sewing 🙂 Hope your little one enjoys them!

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