So Adorable!

I haven’t had a chance to download the photos from my camera recently, so here is a peak into our nursery…


Our red mid-century modern Eames rocker! I love love love it! And it is really comfortable. Boom’s mom and 2 sisters bought this little gem for us.

This weekend Boom was really busy putting together all of the following:

sparrow grey crib zoom

Our crib! Isn’t is just too too cute?! I love the gray – that is the color we based our wall color on (lighter) and frames (same exact color).

mahogany bassinet 700

Our super adorable bassinet! Yarbs and Joe very generously got this gift for us. It is so so cute! and looks good (actually looks good!) where ever it is. Our activity gym (and mobile) fits on top of it – to make it even even cuter!


Our Dwell Studio swing! I couldn’t find a swing that wasn’t a lot of plastic, so this was the best of what is available. and it is really cute. My cousin, T, and his wife, S, were really kind to send this to us! Their baby, Z, will be about 1 year older than Cash Money – which is the same distance as T and I. I am excited that CM will have a cousin close in age! Hopefully we’ll be able to get them together soon after he is born, and often.

Things are coming together! We have a lot of things to put on the walls and hang up – soon enough the room will be done! I am making his crib bumper (as I haven’t been able to find one that I like off the shelf) – it’s going to be good 🙂

Update:  I’ve decided to get off the cr@ck and just buy him a crib bumper and crib set.  Last night when I was working on the bumper, I realized it was not turning out exactly like I wanted, that the fabric was not quite right, and that I didn’t want to be spending so much time making a bumper.  I will likely turn it into a quilt of sorts.  Now I am on the quest to find the crib set that is just right for Cash Money!  Wish me luck!


3 responses to “So Adorable!

  1. looks like everything is coming together!

  2. She meant to say – “looks like Boom is putting everything together!” I am CMs slave!

  3. looks like CM’s room is almost done, great job….

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