Where did October go?!

This month has just been crazy!  It has just flown by – so much going on, it all is like a blur to me now…

FWCD reunion:


At home before thefootball game, after borrowing clothes from Yarbs b/c it was COLD!!!  I LOVED going to the game and seeing all the huge mums (they are fake now) with all the stuff streaming off of them.


Great seeing Breedlove (my old track coach) and some of my fellow grads.  I realize I didn’t take many photos, just wasn’t feeling it.

Then Mom’s and Dad’s friends threw Boom and I a couples baby shower – it is so great – they have all been friends for 20+ years!  I think they just love any excuse to get together.


So glad that My Pal Al and Tiff were able to attend.  Al literally had just gotten in from KC!  Tiff just had a baby boy a few months ago – adorable!  and she seemed happier than I can remember!  so that is so awesome.


Can you tell we are so excited for Cash Money?!  I know we are in the final stretch – and I just can’t wait to meet him!  Will make all the blahs of pregnancy well worth it.


With my best gal, Yarbs.  You can’t tell, since she looks so cute, but she is not feeling well.  Probably had a case of the H1N1.  She has a ton more pics from the shower, so I just need to get them from her once she is back in the state.

Work has been crazy busy as well.  The season opened on Oct. 23, so lots of events and prep leading up.  Opening night was a huge success!


Really glad I got to see, albeit briefly, El and K.  They looked so great!  Love K’s new haircut – and got to see their sig others – it has been a long time!

And everyone is being really sweet with baby gifts for CM.  I’ve been busy making lots of stuff for him and his room… more on that to come!

One response to “Where did October go?!

  1. Hope all is well over there. We are enjoying the city and looking forward to Halloween! Talk to you when I get back!

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