Craftiness I’ve been up to…

After watching Dr. Harvey Karp’s Happiest Baby on the Block DVD last weekend on Sat (Life with Baby class) and Sunday (7 of 8 birthing classes), I really took to heart that Cash Money needed more blankets, but ones that he can be swaddled (one of the 5 S’s) in – so the thinish flannel ones. Up to this point, I had been making him all kinds of blankets – I think I’ve made around 7-8 blankets of all kinds – some crocheted, but mainly flannel with fabric on the other side and rick rack for the trim.

Now I have made a bun (5? 6?) flannel receiving blankets that we’ll be able to swaddle CM nice and tight (snug it!) in:


I think they are adorable! And SUPER easy to make, which makes me happy. And I may still give some away as part of baby gifts – or I may make new ones for gifts…

and I’ve also been making more buckets. Some small (I’ll put them to use somehow!):


and some large (good to hold CM’s lovies):


I also finally found the “Hot Blue” yarn I needed to finish up my fleece blanket with the crocheted edges:


I’ve made a few other things (baby sling, floor play mat) but don’t have photos to show yet, so I’ll just go into detail about those later.

I swear my nesting instinct has taken shape in just wanting to craft, which I really think is driving Boom a little nuts. But I am trying to reign it in and help out with other baby things.

3 responses to “Craftiness I’ve been up to…

  1. My wife has morphed into “Craftzilla.” We will get everything done. No worries.

  2. You are a blanket-making fool! Can’t wait for Saturday!

  3. you have enough blanks for a few mor baby

    miss you all…

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