Rockin’ Rhino


This past weekend Yarbs and a few friends threw me a shower. It was great – everything was so cute! and it was an intimate crowd – as it seemed to be an out of town weekend for lots of folks – I really enjoyed myself and everyone seemed to have a good time.


So this past spring, when we had just found out we were preggers, we went to the Urban Market and picked up an old playground rhino, that didn’t have a base – Boom was highly suspect, as the paint was peeling and the whole thing seemed a mess, to him. He was all, what are we going to do with this thing? He liked the idea of it, but he is still coming around to liking old things…

Anyway, I figured S, our friend and designer, would be able to have someone do something with it.  So finally, a few months ago, she took little rhino off with her.  And since he left, I had been emailing her and asking about rhino… all requests that she kept ignoring… finally I realized she might be doing something with him for my shower – and I was right!  Rockin’ Rhino is the BEST GIFT EVER!  especially since it was a joint effort – and he came out so adorable!


I love love love him!  I guess we need to come up with a name for Rockin’ Rhino…  Boom will be able to come up with something good.

And Ruby seems to like him alright:


I am sure CM will love Rockin’ Rhino – how could you not?!


3 responses to “Rockin’ Rhino

  1. sorry I missed the shower…the rihno is really cute……

  2. My first thought for a name would be “Spike” because he has a spear like nose and it sounds tough. For example – “CM do you want to go ride Spike? or CM do you want to try and break (like a wild horse) Spike?” Maybe you can make a faux fabric leather saddle for Spike and then we can get CM a cowboy hat for when he rides Spike.

    You also had a Rhino in your Racing the Planet challenge. Did it have a name? We could take that old picture of you and the rhino and blow it up and put it in the room somewhere. CM should know that his mom is a bad-arse!!

  3. I love that rhino – it’s so cool!

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