My nesting = sewing

I love to sew sew sew…

A blanket and burp set, two different ways:


Blanket is flannel on one side and the cotton print on the other, with a rick rack trim.


In this one, the blanket is a flannel receiving blanket, in which you could snug a baby quite well, with the trim being the matching cotton print.

Both burps are the same. I love both sets, but will only keep one set for CM, the other will go off to a lucky friend! I think I will keep the top set, as I have already made quite a few flannel receiving blankets.

I also made a couple of burp cloths of a different type:

IMG_3627The striped side is flannel and the polka dot side is cotton – with a rick rack trim. I also made another version of this, with rick rack on the flannel part, and no trim (but don’t have a photo).

Here is the floor playmat I made for CM – I made it extra thick with 2x the bamboo quilt batting.


I really don’t know how people are quilters. This pieced floor mat nearly killed me. I guess I am not that precise, so makes quilting or faux quilting, in my case, very difficult. I had also made him a shirt pocket quilt floor mat earlier, but that one took a lot of time and I kinda don’t want him to drool on it, so this is the one he can get messy 😉

To make some plain bins much cuter, I decorated them with felt and rick rack. Much, much cuter! I guess I’ll use them to put random stuff in, maybe diaper changing stuff or bath stuff?


I also upcycled a huge gift bag (that our Stokke Tripp Trapp chair came wrapped in – made out of the material that resuable grocery sacks are made out of) into 2 large (so far) round bins, which I think came out totally adorable:


I have cut out the bottoms for 2 extra large bins, which I think I want to have lower walls. I could use those to put diapers and stuff in… Boom seems to think CM has plenty of buckets, so we’ll see.

I also finally got around to making some Wee Wee Wigwams – many thanks to Make it and Love it blog for the free tutorial! Not to hard to make – since everyone I know is having boys, I will make these and put them in packs of threes for gifts.


So I have a few more projects on my list:

– basket liner for an oval basket;

– little slipcovers for the white plastic of CM’s Dwell Studio swing;

– a plastic bag holder (with an elastic opening)( for all of our bags that we use for Ruby’s deuces (need to get that under control!);

– some handmade felt ornaments;

– some handmade embroidered ornaments;

– a few more small softies to hang off CM’s bassinet mobile / floor activity gym;

– a cute handle cover for CM’s carseat;

Whew – I’ve gotten a lot done, but there is still much more to do!  and that doesn’t include all the non-sewing stuff that needs to get done…  hopefully CM doesn’t decide to make a too early appearance!


2 responses to “My nesting = sewing

  1. whew, you are a crafting fool! i will be over at lunch!

  2. Yay, those turned out really well. Nice job on all of your projects!! And thanks for the link!


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