At 35 weeks…

everything that was going along just fine seemed to go bonkers..

Last Thursday, Boom and I went to see my OB/GYN for my normal check up that happens every 2 weeks.  She did an ultrasound and she thought my fluid levels looked low, so she sent us to the hospital for a biometric ultrasound.  The radiologist agreed that my fluid level is on the low side, so then i had to go to L&D testing to do some fetal monitoring.  CM is fine, but I need to get my amniotic fluid level up.

So… I am on bed rest until Wed, at least. Saturday we went back to the hospital for some more testing – the fetal monitoring went great.  So he is not being hurt by the low fluids, but I guess they just have to monitor is closely ’cause if the fluids get too low, then that would affect him and he would have to come out.  Wednesday is more fetal monitoring, then another biometric ultrasound to see how my fluid levels are doing, and then back to my OB/GYN for re-evaluation.  I hope that she will lift this bed rest decree – not sure the chances on that, but my hope springs eternal.

I am not loving bed rest.  I would much rather be up and about… doing!  This is a lesson learned to me and something I will pass onto anyone who is preggers – make sure EVERYTHING is done before 35 weeks!  I am doing my best to be a good rester… for CM’s sake.

And, to boot, I can’t find my camera!  Oh well, I am sure it is around somewhere.

Here’s what I am doing to keep myself occupied:

– Hand embroidery: finally finished a little piece that I will turn into a wall hanging for a lucky friend; have done some last name initials to make into ornaments.


– Working on my Belly Book… a journal that I was given to record the pregnancy.  Great idea, but I haven’t done anything in it for the past 34 weeks, so trying to remember… another bit of advice, take lots of notes and keep them all in the same place if you want to do a journal / scrapbook of your pregnancy.

– Reading lots of blogs and taking advantage of the Internet.

I am basically off my feet, either reclined or sitting for most of the day.  I take usually 1-2 naps during the day, and the amazing thing to me is I am still able to sleep at night!  This baby must really be taking all of my energy – he is moving around quite a bit.  Maybe he is restless and ready to come into the world?

If I was still working and moving about, I’d be so so tired, and extra crabby, I am sure.  I still hope I can be off bed rest on Wed – I would really take it easy, but then I’d be able to wrap up loose ends at work.  I never imagined I’d be put on bed rest!  or that CM would really move from transverse to full on breech, but that is what he has done.  I am really, really, REALLY hoping he has moved back to transverse or, best case, head down.  We shall see…


2 responses to “At 35 weeks…

  1. Consider it the calm before the storm. When CM arrives all H-E-Double Hockey Sticks will break out.

  2. I agree with Boom. Enjoy your rest now because you’ll be busy for the next 18 years 😉

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